Welcome to your tutoring with Sussex Tuition Centre. In order to make the most of your time with your tutor, here are some suggestions on how to prepare:

Come Prepared

Bring your books and supplies that you would normally bring with you to class: calculators for Maths for example! Bring a notebook to take notes at your tutoring sessions so you can review these when you are at home.

Bring any work with you

Bring any corrected assessments or mock papers which will help your tutor identify areas to focus on. If you need help with a specific assignment, give your tutor all the instructions or guidelines that your teacher has given to you. This will help your tutor understand what is expected of you. Also remember that your tutor is there to help you but ultimately it is still your responsibility to complete your assignments.

Be Active 

Make a note throughout your week of any issues or questions you would like your tutor to cover in the session. Regularly clearing up any issues will make sure that you build solid foundations to your learning and will increase your confidence.

Ask questions

Your tutor is there to answer all the questions you have, even ones that may seem simple. If you have a preferred way of learning let your tutor know. Your tutor wants to see you succeed, so if they can adapt to the way you learn, it will be more effective.

Apply what you learn

When you’re faced with a difficult problem in class, ask yourself how your tutor might tackle that problem. Your tutor isn’t just teaching you how to write one paper or solve one equation. Learn from how your tutor approaches topics that are difficult for you, and begin to apply these processes to your work.

Hope you are looking forward to working with your tutor and don’t worry about not having all the answers yet. Your tutor will be able to help you get ahead, and the more you follow these tips, the more you will get out of your tutoring sessions.

 Sussex Tuition Centre