Call us on 07733 896109 to arrange an initial via zoom or facetime ( not face to face at the moment) where we will discuss your requirements with you, answer any questions you may have and plan the best way forward for your child. Alternatively, complete the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange an online meeting. The initial assessment is FREE and usually you will be given a reading age and spelling age for your child. If maths is assessed, the key areas will be identified and noted.

If you require a FULL DYSLEXIA ASSESSMENT, this can be arranged with our external consultant and they will charge you for this, or alternatively a list of local specialists can be supplied.  

We will find a suitable  tutor for you and then arrange a convenient start date and time for  your child. In the first lesson, the tutor will establish your child’s starting point using a range of assessment methods. Any key findings will be communicated to you. 
Sessions will be booked on a half termly basis, to be agreed and paid for in advance. Any extra classes will be invoiced at the end of the period. It is important that you let your tutor know if you can`t attend a lesson , as missed lessons must be paid for unless a prior agreement with the tutor means you can re-arrange it!
At the end of each half term, please confirm whether or not your child will be returning to Tiptop for the next half term. A full payment of fees is expected before the end of the last half term. 


Information that we will need from you to include:

  • academic subject
  • level and exam board (if relevant)
  • purpose of tuition

Before the first session, make sure to read these guidelines on how to get the best out of your private tuition


Prices for 45 mins at the moment

 All     £25    online using zoom or facetime 1:1

At the moment we are unable to hold face to face lessons, but will resume as soon as safe to do so.

*Face to face Lessons at either pupil`s house or tutor`s house will allow all surfaces/ computers etc to be thoroughly cleaned between lessons , so pupils are spaced out accordingly. These may happen again at some date in the future when it is safe to do so. Prices will be revised then for face to face lessons (and tutor`s travelling time etc)